Unborn but Forgotten


The movie takes some ideas from the movie The Ring, such as seeing something results in death in a certain number of days, a vengeful ghost, etc. It has a reporter. From that point it develops its own ideas.

The basic concept is based about a woman who was pregnant and was attacked by her lover. She ended up losing the baby. Then there's some kind of web site that women click on to, and in fifteen days they die giving birth to a non-existent baby that they never had. A female reporter sees the site, and a detective tries to help her avoid her supposed fate.

There are some moments in the film which are fairly decent, but it has too many problems to really be a good movie. There are too many scenes that are shot with far too little light for no reason. They are plenty of things that don't make sense (like taking a bath with lingerie on; no explanation of why a doctor says Soo-Jin is not pregnant but she insists she is; the ending of the film, etc.) The thing just becomes confusing and illogical and, in too many spots, boring.

Another fairly major problem in my opinion, at least, is the title. Although the title is Unborn but Forgotten, in the movie itself there is a reference made to Unborn but Not Forgotten, which makes a whole lot more sense than the actual title.

There's also no logic to the basic premise of women seeing the site and then dying. It wasn't a woman who did the initial act of violence; it was the woman's lover. If anything, something should have happened to men who saw some kind of site, not to innocent women. Maybe I'm interpreting the film wrongly, but to me even a vengeful ghost should be attempting to harm someone who was in some way involved in hurting it, and not trying to harm women who, like her, are often mistreated by their lovers.


A pregnant woman is in a bathtub. A guy comes in and attacks her.

Another woman seems to be having birth pains.

A third woman thinks she's pregnant. Her boyfriend works at a TV station. This is Soo-Jin. The next day she videotapes a guy at a cyber-crimes unit.

She follows the guy to a coroner and finds out about the second woman (purple) who died.

The detective interviews a former roommate who tells him that the woman was not pregnant at all. She says the woman looked at something on the computer and said she was going to die. She said she saw herself dying.

She goes to a dance club of some kind and a woman there who appears to be pregnant collapses. Then she suddenly no longer appears to be pregnant. The detective says she's one of the woman who saw herself die on the computer.

The detective takes her to where (I think) the second woman died. She does to the restroom while he leaves for a bit to do something, and the door opens while she's sitting. A guy who works there tells the detective people didn't stay in the apartment long, claiming they heard strange noises at night.

She's working on her computer and sees something strange.

The computer screen glows, and she suddenly appears to be in an area that is almost all white.

She sees a woman sitting, apparently holding a baby. She then sees herself as being dead.

He talks to her later, knowing she has clicked on the site. They determine that a particular picture was from a painting at the apartment they investigated earlier.

At work, the boss says there are rumors about Soo-Jin being pregnant. She's taken off her lover's show, and later she and her lover agree to try and keep a low profile. Meanwhile, the detective has been unofficially removed from the ghost site case.

She talks to another woman who had clicked on the site, but this one did not die. The woman talks about a feeling of hatred coming from the site.

The detective says the victims died 15 days after clicking on the site, so Soo-Jin has about a week left to live. She moves into the strange apartment.

She thinks she sees someone behind some sheets. (At this point the film is very, very dark, physically, too much so, and for no good reason. It actually makes it hard at times to see what is going on, and that's even if you're sitting quite near the screen.) She removes the sheet but it's so dark you can't tell what the sheet was actually on; a chair? A stand? Some kind of table?

The doctor can't detect any baby at all. She goes back to the apartment and starts to clean something on the ceiling, sees something and falls off the stool.

Soo-Jin finds out the name of the person who painted the artwork in the apartment. She finds out the woman checked into the hospital that connects to the strange site.

At the same time the detective has followed his own leads to the same woman, and he finds out her child died.

The detective and Soo-Jin meet with a woman she's talked to before.

The boss gets on her case about (maybe) being pregnant. Her lover is not understanding or supportive at all.

He hates the painting and demands she get rid of it. Meanwhile, someone is watching him. She has a nightmare that night and dreams about cutting her wrist, but before she can blood drips from the bathroom ceiling.

She goes into the bathroom to look at the ceiling and explores some kind of (inter-floor?) space with pipes. She thinks she hears some singing behind a door at the end of the space (which is all tall enough that she doesn't have to stoop at all.)

She enters the room and manages to find a light switch (so we have at least some chance of seeing what is going on.) She finds the dead baby the woman had in the hospital behind the curtain.

The next scene has the baby being cremated. She and the other woman later spill the ashes over a rural lake.

In-mee is the name of the other woman. The strange site appears on her computer anyhow, and other things happen. She dies.

Soo-Jin talks to the painting and the painting starts to cry.

Later Soo-Jin is taking in the bathtub. Wait. Make that taking a bath in the bathtub. With her underwear on. ??? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't people take baths without any clothes on? (Outside of the fact that the bathtub is not in the bathroom and doesn't seem to have any pipes connected to it, either incoming or outgoing.)

Suddenly her lover is by the tub. (Soo-Jin also saw a woman on the other side for a moment.l) He demands she get an abortion. He starts to beat her up, knocking her to the floor.

He also attacks the painting.

Soo-Jin realizes the (dead) woman's lover was her lover.

The computer screen comes on and Soo-Jin seems to be going into labor like all the other women who then died.

Then we see a baby start to crawl out from between her legs.

The lover is about to attack her (or the baby?) with the scissors and the detective arrives just in time to shoot him.

Then there's the ending of the film which, at least to me, doesn't make the slightest bit of sense at all.

There is also a “behind the set” special feature, but it is basically just an hour of scenes during film with no one explaining anything. In some scenes the music was being played as the scene was being shot and that actually helped the main actress, according to her in a separate interview.

It must have been rough on the actress during the filming. Not all of her tears were flowing when the camera was scheduled to be on.

The actress hasn't had any lines yet; it's all crying or removing sheets from things. The director is one who shoots lots of takes, shooting the same thing seven times or more. They also often shoot something that will take all of maybe fifteen to thirty seconds, and do that over and over.

Another actress.

There is a very interesting thing in the very short interview with the actress that indicates the title was Unborn but Unforgotten, which would make a lot more sense than Unborn but Forgotten.

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