Dark Shadows: The 30th Anniversary Collection

There are 22 cuts on this cd. The class theme is included along with Quentin's Theme and the Ode to Angelique. There's also one track with Jonathan Frid talking and two tracks that are radio ads. The rest is music from the series.

I do like Dark Shadows a lot. Still, to me, most of the music works within the context of watching an episode but as stand-along bits they just don't work well. Whether some music is good or bad is a matter of personal opinion, of course, so what I am saying is my own opinion. I just don't like the CD except for maybe a couple of tracks. The music just doesn't stand on its own very well.

I prefer the music to be part of an actual episode or part of, say, a story from Big Fish productions. Again, it's a matter of personal opinion.

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