Obviously this is going to be a big snake, jungle nasties type of movie. I'll capture some caps of it and then note what I think about the movie. Scientists, by the way, are in the jungle to find a rare flower that could make a pharmaceutical company rich. Oh, one other thing. There are headhunters also. The boat they end up using is pretty beat-up.

There's also a strong theme about an almost insane young scientist who is willing to sacrifice the lives of the people on the expedition just so he can get the precious flower he is after. Scientists like him tend to treat everyone and everything as secondary to what they want to get done, especially when a lot of money is involved. The scientist goes so far as to murder one of the people to keep his search going.

The snakes eat their fill of people, but they get their fill of explosives, too. Snakes go boom, the ground shudders, and the evil scientist gets his due. Actually it's a fairly decent movie.

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