Eureka-related Books

There were only 3 books done about Eureka.

Brain Box Blues

The story is based on what happened in an actual episode when people were supposed to put their favorite memory of Eureka into a sphere. In this case, though, the military has a box that can capture all of a person's memories, even if they just recently died. They have the memories from someone and they want Eureka to find a way to make those memories useful. Meanwhile, Fargo, Zoe and others are doing experiments involving remote viewing.

The find out Jo had taken part in a military project involving remote viewing and also trying to influence a person remotely. Meanwhile, an experiment with the brain box goes wrong and Lucas is hurt. Some kind of electrical surge also goes through Cafe Diem.

Zoe and her boyfriend are having problems. Suddenly Vincent is getting orders wrong and other people start behaving somewhat differently than they normally do. Something goes wrong with Lucas and he passes out.

One of the guys working on the project has major ethical and moral issues with being able to obtain the last memories of a person just before they died.

The situation gets worse when a certain woman shows up and the military and her order the arrest of the scientist who opposes what the military plans to use the brain box for. Then there's at attempt to kill Carter and others, Mansfield and other military people all around, Lucas dying and Fargo wanting to press a button.

This is a vast improvement over the first book in the series (Substitution Method) and is much more like the original series in pacing and character behavior.

Road Less Traveled

In a really good story a Global Dynamics research has found a way to visualize another dimension. What she and the others see is a near-duplicate Eureka. Carter, though, doesn't exist in that version.

Problems arise when the sound becomes clear between the two towns and the scientists realize that the two realities are being drawn towards each other. More and more of the Eureka 2 city folk are ending up in Eureka 1 and if the process is not stopped the two dimensions could collide and destroy each other.

It's up to Carter to save the day!

Substitution Method

Eureka has a bit of a problem. Bits of it seem to be vanishing and ending up somewhere else only to replaced by objects that were at those locations. Trade a school for another school. A house for a completely different house.

Now that's a problem, of course, but Eureka actually now has two problems. First, how do you stop the transfers from taking place and getting the right buildings back to the right location. Second, while you're trying to figure out just how to acccomplish that, how do you stop the news of this getting out? It all makes for a rather interesting book. Actually, I think all three novels would have made good television episodes.

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