Peter Pan movie

This is a movie version of Peter Pan with real people rather than animation. It's a really, really good movie, although it is different in some ways from the traditional animated story.

One major difference is in the character of Tinkerbell. In this movie, Tinkerbell is not the really nice fairy; this Tinkerbell is closer to the fairies of legend; capricious, very emotional, and sometimes not actually very nice.

The basic story of Wendy and her brothers going to Neverland is there, although it's obvious that this is all a comment on the concept of growing up, and the father-daughter relationship as it changes due to that.

There's a good bit of humor in the movie, the parrot being my favorite example.

There are also numerous extras on the DVD, including an alternate ending.

The movie does differ from the play in some ways, but also, at times, uses exact lines from the play. (Fortunately, I have a book of J.M.Barrie's plays and was looking at that while I was watching the movie.)

Definitely a movie that you will want to add to your collection.

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