Gone and Back

This is the third in the series of Farscape graphic novels and, like the two before it, it's very good. In this novel Deke (Aeryn and John's baby son) has an extra gland and somehow he's able to trigger a chance in the space/time continuum. This ends up sending John into an alternate reality.

He's still aboard Moya, But D'Argo and Zhaan are both still alive. Aeryn Sun, though, is not on board; she's still a Peacekeeper, so there's no Deke, either. To add to the confusion, John is married and has a young girl. He's obsessed with freeing Aeryn from the Aeryn from the Peacekeepers which, as you can figure, causes a whole lot of problems. To find her, though, he has to engage the help of the alternate version of the guy who, in the other reality, has been trailing them and trying to kill them. It all makes for a very good story.

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