Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

One of the best aspects of this TPB is that it goes into Scorpius' history as a child and shows how he was terribly mistreated by the Scarrans, which helps explain why he was filled with hatred against them in the show.

He starts out naked in the snow, alone on a planet where he crashed. A group of aliens land and he ends up working for them, realizing that they are a military group and there is a good chance for his own personal advancement which he seizes, both by talking and by killing. It turns out this group, though, works for a race that is legendary and only seems to appear every 25 years.

The previous appearances have been scouting expeditions; this one is for the beginning of an all-out invasion of the uncharted territories, and again Scorpius sees a chance to rise in the ranks. He finds out this isn't as easy as he thought, though.

It's a good story and fits well into the series storyline.

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