Uncharted Territory

This is another book which looks at the various Farscape episodes, this one covering the first three seasons. The type of information for each episode includes:

The episode title
Date first aired in US, UK, and Australia
Episode summary
Buck Rogers Redux (what Chrichton did in that episode)
You Can be More (what Aeryn did)
I Was a Teenage Luxan (what D'Argo did)
Buckwheat the Sixteenth (what Rygel did)
Everyone's Favorite Little Tralk (what Chiana did)
Hi, Harvey (Harvey in John's mind)
A Ship, A Living Ship! (what Moya did)
Disney on Acid (John's references to pop culture)
Logic Leaps
What did you just say
Guest stars
The Verdict (author's view of the episode's success or lack of it)

Obviously there's a lot of information for each episode. Since this is an unofficial book there are no pictures. Still, it's well written and interesting.

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