Farscape Roleplaying Game

The book was issued after the first couple of seasons of Farscape. It starts off with a short story. Then there's an episode guide for the episodes from the first two seasons. This is followed by information about the various characters and the various races they encounter. This leads into information on the uncharted territories.

After that the regular rpg material starts with character races, classes, powers, skills and so on. It's very much like any other rpg manual in this manner. There are numerous pictures in the book and they look quite good. The manual, being issued when it was, does not allow for changes which took place in the characters in the final two seasons nor the movie, and it also doesn't include some characters added then. This would require the gamemaster, if he or she wants, to possibly revise some things in the book to take into account those events in the final two seasons plus movie.

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