Farscape Season 1 Trading Cards

The usual opening three-card montage of most of the major characters.

The opening episode, where John Crichton ends up going from Earth to another galaxy, possibly, and ends up on a ship of escaped prisoners, accidentally killing the brother of the commander of a Peacekeeper carrier, and ends up being chased all over the place by him.

In this episode Moya has to land on a planet that is technologically behind ours. A woman runs a space listening station where she believes there is life on other planets, and she ends up meeting John and D'Argo. D'Argo is captured and John has to get him free and then get Moya off the planet.

This is an episode about space bugs that board Moya and start to reproduce, not just producing bugs but producing physical copies of some of the major characters. Things could go very bad but they don't, the misunderstanding is worked out, and they and the bugs part company.

Rygel ends up getting kidnapped.

Two aliens are brought aboard, one of them working on a super-weapon. It turns out the woman with him is a spy for the enemy, though. Meanwhile, Crichton keeps seeing glimpses of the near future.

In this episode several of the crew ends up on a planet that grows a type of crop that, unknown to them, Peacekeepers use to fuel their weapons. The plant also has an effect on the people who eat it, making them docile.

The find an abandoned Peacekeeper vehicle with a female Peacekeeper on board. Meanwhile scavengers attack, but one of them gets blown literally to pieces by Aeryn.

An exceedingly evil individual what what appears to be magic powers thrives on death. Crichton and Zhaan are able to take care of him, though.

A story about a mad scientist. Something terrible happens to Aeryn.

D'Argo gets blown into space, is recovered, and begins to act strange. The others have to play along with him. Meanwhile, Moya finds out she is pregnant.

Bounty hunters are encountered on a planet, searching for Crichton and the others.

Zhaan gets misused by one of her own kind.

There's a strange area in space called the Flax which is basically like a spider web that holds vehicles that get into it, and Aeryn and Crichton are trapped in it.

Crichton is out for a spin in his module and Moya leaves. He lands on a planet and stays there for a while until Moya returns. Rygel plays a very important role in this episode.

Chiana joins the crew. Rygel's old captor shows up.

Crichton returns to Earth and is put into quarantine. Aeryn, D'Argo and Rygel also land on Earth. Rygel dies while being experimented upon. To test the reality of things, Crichton enters a women's restroom.

Moya makes a mistake and ends up as four Moyas.

Moya encounters a Peacekeeper vessel. Things go bad when a virus is set free.

Aeryn's life is in danger. Scorpius makes his appearance, and Crichton is tortured.

Moya is having trouble with childbirth. Crichton escapes.

The group encounters a creature that feeds on bones.

Rygel offers to sell out the group to Crais, but he's no longer in command of the ship (Scorpius is), and he asks to come on board Moya for asylum. Crais steals Moya's child, a spaceship with weapons. D'Argo and Crichton are left floating in space while Aeryn looks for them and Moya leaves.

Another montage of the main characters.