Farscape Trading Cards Season 2

The first few cards show the characters.

Crais and Talyn form a bond and starburst away after Crais resigns his Peacekeeper position.

D'Argo is to help an ancient Luxan pass on. Things go badly wrong as Moya suddenly starts to age.

Chiana believes her brother has died. She goes to a burial planet where she joins a group of odd people there.

An alien on the ship turns the crew against each other, but Crichton ends up fighting him. The top creature looks an awful lot like a Shadow from Babylon 5, just not pure black.

Maldis makes a reappearance and once again is dealt with.

Data is found which shows Pilot is really the second pilot for Moya, and that Aeryn had a hand in killing the first one and had a thing going with a Peackeeper guy. Pilot tries to kill Aeryn. Then more of the background is revealed and even Pilot is shown not to be totally innocent of what happened.

The group is out of food. Zhaan is budding, and this is causing allergic reactions on the part of some of the others. Crichton has to kill a monster which becomes food for Zhaan.

Zhaan is arrested on a planet for murder. Rygel and Chiana act as Zhaan's lawyers. Zhaan is found free, but the experience has an unsettling effect on her.

An enemy weapon causes the crew to swap personalities, and that leads to some very interesting scenes.

In a rather strange story Crichton becomes three beings; a caveman form, his normal form, and an evolutionary advanced form.

The group lands on a planet. Moya leaves. It seems that Crichton is supposed to marry a member of the royal family.

Crichton's situation gets worse with people left and right willing to betray him to Scorpius. Meanwhile, Moya's builders are considering destroying her. Things get worse for Crichton as he's married and turned into a statue.

It's revealed that Crichton got the princess pregnant.

A pet is brought aboard the ship by Chiana and some rather strange things happen.

Crichton is captured by a Scarran and made to see a modified version of his life on Earth. A form of Scorpius helps Crichton to overcome this.

A very old form of Aeryn arrives on the ship and warns them the ship and crew could become stuck in time. Crichton goes to the planet with Aeryn and ages. Eventually a way is found to avoid the problem altogether.

Crais has a meeting with the others, wanting to disarm Talyn, but before that can be done the ship destroys an approach spacecraft. Stark appears.

Nebari come aboard and want to tale Chiana with them.

Stark re-appears. D'Argo is caught trying to steal money. Crichton meets Scorpius.

D'Argo's son is held captive and the others want to free him. In the end, Crichton turns himself in to Scorpius.

An assault is made to free Crichton. Talyn returns and helps its mother, then blows up things.

Crichton gets taken over by Scorpius' personality. Aeryn is killed in a spacecraft battle with Scorpius/Crichton. The chip from Crichton's head gets removed, but Scorpius arrives.

The closing montage of characters.

Game cards, at least some of them.