Farscape Season 3 Trading Cards

Some of the main characters from the season.

The three cards put together reveal this quotation on their backs.

John is still on the operating table with the chip having been removed from his brain. Aeryn comes back to life, Scorpius escapes, and Zhaan is dying.

A space station is the target of a major space storm. D'Argo's son has been having sex with the woman D'Argo fancied. Meanwhile, someone emitting a tracer signal attaches themselves to Moya's hull, sending the storm after the ship.

Another ship collides with Moya with two wormholes involved. Zhaan is getting weaker and so is Moya. Moya is abandoned. The character Jool appears.

A serpent attacks, the crew of the other ship attacks, and the only way to survive is to sacrifice one of Moya's crew who must stay behind in the other ship.

The group ends up going into the past and things change. They have to somehow figure out a way to fix things and return the present to normal.

Some of the crew land on another ship like Moya, but there are fierce scavengers on board. There's a really sick creep on board that eats brains. John has to destroy the other leviathan.

There are now two Crichtons, one on Moya, one on Talyn. Talyn needs some medicine, but there's a major problem of getting it from this one planet. The Peacekeepers become involved.

A creature in space eats Talyn. Talyn apparently had rigged a computer ship to make it look like Aeryn was having sex with Crais. Then the ship even considered leaving Crichton floating in space alone.

Scorpius sends a ship into a worm hole but the pilot is killed. Crichton, meanwhile, is not well. Pilot is possessed by a creature and Chiana is the one carrying the thing. In a form of reverse nightmare, Scorpius starts having dreams of Chrichton.

Talyn is recovering on a jungle planet when the Peacekeepers attack. Aeryn's mother is one of them. If becomes plain that Aeryhn's mother needs to die.

Scorpius sends another prowler into a wormhole and again the pilot returns jellified. Scorpius has Crichton's chip implanted into his own head where he reveals some about his past to John. Scorpius tells John more and says he wants to wipe out the Scarran race completely.

Talyn nearly flies into a sun and is having other problems.

A trip to a pleasure planet doesn't work out well at all. Some creep is milking a drug from people's bodies and he plans to do that to Chiana and Jool, but Crichton is able to stop him in time.


The Ancients make contact with John. John must fight a mental battle with the Scorpius still in his head.

The Scorpius clone in John's mind is dying. A Scarran dreadnought is destroyed and John seems to die.

This is one of the coolest of all the episodes since parts of it are done in the style of the old Road Runner cartoons, complete with the type of music used in them.

Things get very complicated as Aeryn is on a planet mourning Crichton, who she believes to be dead. Stark leaves the crew. Crais kills Aeryn's mother.

There were two Crichton's, one of which is now dead. Rygel needs to be rescued.

Crichton meets with Braca and Scorpius. Talyn destroys some peacekeeper ships. Scorpius and Rygel manage to defeat some robbers.

Everyone meets on a Peacekeeper command carrier. Some of the peacekeepers don't take kindly to this at all.

There is a plan to destroy the Peacekeeper carrier.

Crichton has visions of Earth and a Peacekeeper invasion. He ends up floating in space in his module, alone.


Another montage, with a list of the cards in the set.