Farscape Season 4 Trading Cards

These cards cover the last season of Farscape.

Three-card montage. On the back of the cards is Crichton's opening statement of the show.

Crichton has been rescued by an aging leviathan, but scavengers have arrived to start taking things from the not-dead-yet ship. Chiana is having visions and so is Chrichton.

The dying ship goes to a planet that is inhabitable only for brief periods of time. There is a device that could help the planet, though. Plans are also made to abandon the dying leviathan. Noranti (the three-eyed woman) becomes involved in what is happening on the planet. An object that appears to be from ancient Egypt is found and Crichton jumps into the sea from a cliff.

Scorpius is buried alive, the dying leviathan crashes into the planet, Braxa becomes tied up by Chrichton, and a colony of priests hidden for 12,000 years is revealed.

The group is still looking for Moya. Meanwhile on a planet Rygel goes after treasure, only to find a lot of trouble instead.

The group gets back to Moya but Scorpius is there and Aeryn is suffering from heat delirium. She's also accused of being involved in an assassination. Aeryn gets cured and Scorpius supposedly removes his clone from Crichton's mind.

Moya is attacked by a space plant. Aeryn tells Chiana that she's pregnant, but the child may not be Chrichton's. The planet is defeated, D'Argo becomes captain of Moya, and Aeryn tells Chrichton that she's pregnant.

This is a fun episode where Chiana and Crichton end up in a game where the others play parts totally unlike their real selves.

Bounty hunters are on Moya and Crichton works to eliminate them one by one. Some of the members of the group are shrunk by the hunters. Crichton tells them their leader is a Scarran, though, and he manages to turn the tables. Pilot suggests Moya head towards Tormented Space, an area where others will probably not follow them.

Aeryn and Crichton are involved in some killings, but they are not acting under their own impulses.

A rather off story about consuming mollusks that turn people colors, searching for a cure, etc.

Crichton, floating in space, goes through a wormhole and meets a guy he names Einstein who talks to John about his wormhole abilities. Crichton is shown several alternate realities. Crichton is being taught about being ultra-careful about his abilities.

Crichton has gone back in time and is floating above the Earth. Moya and the others rescue him, but the timeline has been altered and they have to fix it.

The group is on Earth and meets John's parents and there's a problem over what to reveal about their existence and to whom is should be revealed. John chooses not to stay on the Earth in order to try to keep it safe from attack by other aliens.

A humanoid is brought onto the ship and it turns out she's a type of spider whose bite affects the crew members.

Scorpius brings John and D'Argo to a planet to receive mental training. D'Argo meets the guy who killed his wife, and John wants to find out about the creature that attacked his family on Earth.

At a trading post it is revealed that Grayza is trying to make a deal with the Scarrans. Meanwhile Aeryn has gone missing, replaced by a duplicate.

Crichton is searching for Aeryn and needs to visit an alternate reality that might have information he needs.

Aeryn is being held captive by the Scarrans. Crichton and Scorpius go to an alternative Moya and are able to find out where Aeryn is being held captive. She has admitted the father of her child is Crichton.

An attempt is made to rescue Aeryn, but Scorpius is captured and Crichton has to go and save him, also.

John puts his wormhole knowledge up to the highest bidder as things on the station get worse.

A plant that is highly important to the Scarrans is destroyed.

John has to destroy the wormhole that leads to Earth since the Scarrans plan to attack. That is accomplished, but he and Aeryn seem to be destroyed when in a boat.

Another montage of characters from the show.