Farscape Through the Wormhole Trading Cards

This scan shows the front of the first five cards, and the back of the sixth card. The backs of the cards have information on the characters. This set reveals that Aeryn died, killed by John/Scorpius.

These cards go over how it came to be there were two Crichtons and how one of them died, and how John had to leave Earth forever.

The first four cards of Aeryn Sun. They go into Aeryn's history with the Peacekeepers, how she left them, and how she found another type of family on Moya.

This set goes into the two Crichton's, how Aeryn drew in on herself after John's death, and her sort of new relationship with the remaining John.

Another front view and back view. One of the better points of this set is that the material on the back of the cards is on a very readable background, and is printed in an easy-to-read font size.

The back of the first card reveals how D'Argo ended up labeled as a criminal. He and Chiana had a sexual relationship, but that was all smashed when he found out his son was also have a sexual relationship with Chiana.

The backs go through more of D'Argo's difficult life and his death.

You can see that the backs of the cards are colorful, and have an additional picture of the character on them.

Chiana's life on Moya is covered, along with the real reason she struck up a sexual relationship with D'Argo's son.

Chiana starts having visions, but they have a bad side-effect on her. She still lacked much common sense, though.

There's a quote from the character on the last card in each set of character cards.

The reason Scorpius hates Scarrans is revealed. He becomes obsessed with Crichton's wormhole knowledge.

Scorpius returns to the Peacekeepers. The rest of the Scorpius cards are about Harvey, the image of Scorpius that is in John's mind. Harvey is one of the coolest characters of all, in my opinion.

It's seen that this set of cards also includes material from the Peacekeeper Wars.

Zhaan's background is gone over on the back of the first card. The cards go over his history on Moya and her death.

Rygel's captivity is discussed along with his relationship to the others on Moya.

These two are about Pilot and how he came to be the pilot of Moya.

One of my least favorite characters on the series.


Crais' history is gone over, along with his death.

She was not what she appeared to be.

An interesting character, but with some severe flaws.

Braca maintained a strong Peacekeeper image on the outside, but was willing to skirt the rules when it suited him.

She wanted power and she got just that. For all the good it did her.

D'Argo's son. The two didn't get along well, especially after the Chiana incident.

A very strange character, although a little like Zhaan.

The final montage.