Ship of Ghosts

The events in this story take place right after the pilot episode. Crais is ultra-gun-ho to find and kill Crichton. Moya is fleeing with her crew and gets into an area of space not under Peacekeeper control. They don't know, though, that one of the other ships under Crais' command has managed to follow them.

They run into what seems to be an abandoned ship, but it turns out to have beings on it that are in a form of energy. They want to return to their regular bodies and most of all they want to go home. There's a viper in the nest, though, a powerful woman that does not want to return home; she wants to continue their journey through space.

She captures Crichton and it's up to the rest of the crew of Moya to rescue him. Rygel has a very fascinating role to play in this novel, starting out the fool but ending up the wise man.

So, they all need to stop the evil woman, get the beings back into their bodies, help them get their ship in shape to go home and, at the same time, avoid the other Peacekeeper vessel. Typical type of life they all have to lead and it leads to a very good book.

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