This one has a very pretty cachet and the stamp is nice, too.

Two more First Day Covers from 1969 with the same stamp but different cachets.

Five different stamps on this one, although four of them are from the same series. This is also the only one I have that has First Day Cover has the cachet.

Four covers, all from 1973, using two different types of stamps. The first two covers I don't like since they look like something you've enlarged on your computer until it becomes all pixilated. The last two covers are more traditional and look fine.

The Currier and Ives artwork automatically makes this look nice. The stamp is pretty. The back of the envelope also has information.

Another pretty cover and a really nice stamp. Again, the back of the envelope has information.

The third cover from 1974. Like the preceding two, it's quite nice.

From 1975 come two more covers with neat cachets, information, and a nice stamp.

One further year and a more traditional cover. Again, I like the cachet and the artwork. There is no information on the other side of the envelope.

The same year. I'm going to take a guess here, but I think the cachet is one that has been colored in by someone.

Other Christmas Covers

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