These are just some covers I came across from specific places.

A nice cachet for the nation's capital, but somewhat dull stamps. My high school senior class was going to have a trip to the place but it was canceled due to civil rights disturbances going on at the time (which gives you an idea of just how old I really am.)

Miami University is the college I attended up in Oxford, Ohio. It's a very beautiful campus and I felt I got a good education there. Pretty much everything else went wrong for me while I was there, but at least I got a good education. Graduated cum laude.

Sort of an older cover here. It has a nice cachet.

Another older envelope with an all-green stamp. Was green ink really cheap at the time?

A really neat saying on the stamp, but the envelope really should have had some information on the back of it about the synagogue.

Now that's a library! I'd love to live near there and spend hours in the library.

The stamp looks like it was lifted from the Beatle's movie Sargent Pepper.

Kind of nice cachet but a stamp that is just black and red?

Two different ones for San Juan. Both cachets are neat and I like the stamps.

Neat cachet on this one along with the stamp of the outline of the state.

An interesting cachet and stamp, but it could have used information on the back to say why Chautauqua is considered important.

The only First Day Cover that I have that features a lighthouse.

Both envelopes are about Fort Harrod. The problem with the first one is that the brown background color makes it difficult to read what was typed.

Another old envelope with the all-green stamp.

And Yet More Places

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