Forbidden Planet

Forbidden Planet is one of my favorite movies of all time. The science fiction elemenet is really good, basing the movie on Shakespeare makes it even better. I like the saucer's design and of course Robby the Robot's design. There is also the element that Morbius is evil accidentally; he doesn't know that he's tied into the Krell machine and is the one causing the deaths. You also have the romance element. I will admit there are a couple places where the special effects are not the greatest (the Krell machine scene, for example) but that doesn't actually hurt the movie at all. I'm dividing this section into sub-sections.

Anne Francis
Adams and Altaria (black and white)
Adams and Altaria (color)
Altaria and her father
Anne Francis and Robby
Behind the Scenes
Black and White Photos
Forbidden Outpost
Inside the home
Inside the ship
Krell Monster Attacks
Laser Discs
Posters and related things
Reviews of books related to the movie
Robby the Robot
Script Notes
Tin Box special

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