Mariette Hartley desperate to cast off suicide demons

Actress Mariette Hartley believes she can exorcise the demons that have plagued her since witnessing her father's suicide-by meeting Mariel Hemingway.

In a poignant TV appearance, Hartley, 62, spoke with fellow actress Hemingway via satellite hookup about her dad's tragic end, which came two years to the day after Mariel's famous grandfather, author Ernest Hemingway, killed himself.

"I was there when my father committed suicide and my great joy now is working with other survivors,"Hartley said on CNN's Larry King Live. "That helps me and I've wanted very much to speak with Mariel because my father had planned his (suicide) from the death of your grandfather."

Hartley's mom attempted suicide twice. And the Emmy-winning actress, who's best known for a series of Polaroid commercials with James Garner, tried to kill herself at age 15 and has battled depression and a bipolar disorder most of her life.

She adds that her problems were compounded by a lingering case of post-traumatic stress syndrome-most commonly associated with combat veterans-after she heard her father shoot himself to death July 2, 1963, and found him, gun still in his limp hand, on the floor of his bedroom.

"He even looked like your grandfather," Hartley told Mariel, 41. "So I've always wanted to meet you, just to hug you and say we're one and the same."

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