One Terrific Guy

A powerful yet sensitive 1986 TV-movie about the impact of sexual exploitation on a teen-ager and her family.

Susan Rinell plays Carrie Burton, a bright 17-year-old student who has been lured by her biology teacher, Mr. Brennan (Wayne Rogers), into a "sex research" project. Brenna, who has earned widespread respect as the baseball coach, tells her the study is for his Ph.D. But after three years in the project, Carrie wants out; Brennan's qustions have become far too personal, and now he wants her to undress in her presence.

When Carrie tells her parents about Brennan's behavior, the Burtons (Mariette Hartley, Laurence Luckinbill) provide loving support. But their decision to prosecute Brennan makes them social outcasts.

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