My Two Loves

Mariette Hartley stars in this 1986 TV-movie about an unusual romantic triangle, written by Reginald Rose and Rita Mae Brown.

Widowed for less than a year, Gail Springer (Hartley) is emerging from her mourning. SHeh as a new apartment, a new job and what her mother calls " a gentleman caller." That man-her late husband's partner and best friend-wants to marry Gail, a commitment she isn't sure she's willing to make and an idea her daughter deems as appealing as swalling rat poison.

As Gail's confusion over Ben (Barry Newman) begins to mount, she pours her heart outto a new rok friend, Marjorie Lloyd (Lynn Redgrave), who ofers support and a shoulder to cry on. Marjorie has a proposition of her own; she'd like to become Gail's "lady caller." Surprised, flattered and even more confused, Gail finds herself increasingly drawn to the other woman."

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