Azumanga Daioh

This is a really funny series at a school with a group of characters that are all cute and funny. Yukari Tanizaki is a teacher who gets the room wrong on the first day of school and who can't do as good on a quiz she made up herself as her students do. She tends to behave worse then her students at times.

Sakari is a student who one of the other girls thinks looks scary but later finds out that she is wearing panties with a kitty on them. Sakari likes cats but they don't like her. She tries to pet one on her way to school and it bites her.

Chiyo-san is an incredibly smart and student who entered high school at the age of ten.

Some of the humor is on the adult side, including a lot of breast-size jokes, such as when two of the girls are going to race and Tomo-chan wants Sakari to start three inches back since her breasts are three inches bigger.

The manga is written in panel format, and some of the panel sets are incredibly funny including when where the girls jump into the swimming pool standing up and Chiyo-san is so short she s almost completely submerged.

This is one of the best anime series I have ever seen and you will want to get both the manga form and the video form of the series.

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