Dragon Half

This is one of the cutest anime I've ever seen. The heroine is half-human, half-dragon. Seems her father was a dragon killer sent to kill this one dragon, but instead of killing her he ended up marrying her. The result is Mink, the heroine, who ends up falling for a handsome dragon-hunter.

She enters a tournament in which her intended has also entered. Now a few other slight problems exist; a King who wants her dead, a sorcerer who wants her dead, a blob-turned-female who wants her out of the way, and a bottle of super laxative. (You've got to see it to believe it!)

The result of all of this is one very, very funny story. There are so many individual scenes that are hilarious it simply is not practical to list them here. Then there is the superdeformed drawings, animation in which the characters have incredibly child-like, more 2-D-than-normal appearances that are in themselves extremely funny.

The only really bad aspect of this anime is that this is the only one, and apparently there are no plans for another along the same lines.

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