Kokoro Library

This is a 13-episode series about three sisters who live at Kokoro Library, which is a library on a mountain about two hours from the nearest village. Their parents have died and they only have each other for emotional support.

The series is absolutely wonderful, gentle, nice, add whatever positive accolades you wish. The stories revolve around basically everyday-life type activities at the library. Two episodes deal with more substantive matters.

In one, Kokoro (who is the youngest sister) is sent to a training session for librarians. Her roomate happens to be a companiod, a human android who is also studying to be a librarian. The interaction between the two is really good and you get to see how they learn from each other.

The other episode of this type concerns the history behind the founding of Kokoro Library. Apparently there was a war going on once in this part of the country and the man who would become Kokoro's father blew up a bridge but made sure that he did that before the enemy troops had reached it. He didn't want to kill people, even the enemy.

After the war he retired to the mountaintop to become a farmer. He ended up marrying and this is the origin of the three sisters.

Kokoro herself is the perfect example of someone who has a "good soul"; she is innocent, naive, warm, loving, always looking for ways to help people and to pursue her love of being a librarian.

This is a series not released in the U.S., unfortuantely which is a terrible shame, this being one of the most innocent, warm, wonderful-in-its-innocence anime I have ever seen.

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