Mini-Shrine to Anime Goddesses

These are the female anime characters that I consider to be, basically, goddesses. They are all beautiful, and they all have various traits and quirks of their own. Aphrodite would be proud to count these women among her own.

What I want to do is to introduce each of them and add a few notes about why I have placed them in my Mini-Shrine. (They are grouped by anime series, not by any particular order of importance.)

Achika from Tenchi Muyo

Achika, for those unfamiliar with Tenchi Muyo, was Tenchi's mother. She died while he was still young, basically as a result of a battle with a demonic creature, a battle being waged partly to defend her own child.

To me Achika embodies the best elements of being a mother. She was strong, intelligent, compassionate, caring, loving and beautiful. Her "maternal instinct" was obviously very, very strong. She deeply loved her child and her husband, and was willing to sacrifice herself so that others might live.

It just feels to me that having Achika as a mother would have made a person's life much, much more pleasant and loving. This might be hard to understand for most people, and I will admit I am definitely an anime fanatic, but I feel that I, personally, miss Achika. Sometimes we grieve for what we have lost, and sometimes we grieve for what we never had. I would have been proud to call Achika "mother."

Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo.

Ryoko in one version of the "Tenchi multiverse" was a demoness chased to earth by a Jurai nobleman and imprisoned deep with a cave, only to be let free by Tenchi. It is also revealed that Ryoko was "created" by Washuu (self-styled "greatest genius in the entire universe," and very possibly truly that).

Ryoko has incredible powers. She can fly, materialize through solid objects, shoot bolts of energy, create an energy sword not unlike a light saber, and basically take care of about anyone or anything that threatens her or those she loves.

Ryoko is another of the characters who I feel is very, very beautiful. She is an incredibly powerful female figure, fully capable of taking care of herself. Yet the depth of love she demonstrates for Tenchi shows just how strong her feelings of love can be. She's also been to a whole lot of places in the universe and in point of fact has her own spaceship (which happens to be a cabbit, a mix of rabbit and cat that turns into a rather large spaceship. "Suspension of disbelief" time again,) so she can take a person almost anywhere, exploring planets that humans have never even seen. There would never be an end to the wondrous sites Ryoko could show a person.

She would, I feel, make a wonderful lover and companion. So, she is added to my mini-shrine.

Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo

Mihoshi is a Galaxy Police Officer, now assigned to this portion of space (which is considered to be a backwater area, by the way). Mihoshi is very emotional, very endearing, loving and caring, and without a doubt beautiful and sexy.

Unfortunately she also has a little bit of a problem with crashing spaceships and about any other form of motorized vehicle that she comes in contact with. Once in full battle armor she managed to trip over a pop can lying on the ground. In other words, Mihoshi is somewhat of a klutz.

But a lovable one, all the same. She is actually the adult "innocent" in the Tenchi Muyo series. She schemes against no one, hurts no one (on purpose), helps people whenever she can, and takes her police job quite seriously.

Mihoshi, I believe, would be a very "fun" person to be with. I think she's very sexy and would probably be "fun" that way also. I also get the impression that if she was in a relationship with someone she would be very devoted to that person.

So Mihoshi joins my mini-shrine to Anime Goddesses.

Sasami from Tenchi Muyo

Sasami embodies, basically, innocence. She is young, attractive, and an absolutely incredible cook. She can also handle herself in bad situations and even has a Magical Girl alter-ego, Pretty Sammy. When you watch her in the various incarnations of the series you can see that Sasami has a great deal of love in her, although she is also not above playing a little practical joke now and then.

Sasami is the maiden goddess, just as Achika is the mother goddess. You just know that Sasami is going to grow up to be a very beautiful person, physically, spiritually and emotionally (of course those who watch the series already know this; Sasami will eventually become Tsunami.) There's a joy to her approach to life, and a maturity far beyond her years as she has no problem with taking over the cooking duties for the entire group at the shrine.

If a person wanted an almost perfect daughter, Sasami would undoubtedly be the choice. Later in life there is no doubt she would make a wonderful companion and, if she choose, a mother. So, Sasami is inducted into my mini-shrine.

Kyoko from Maison Ikkoku

Kyoko is the manager of Maison Ikkoku, an apartment building that houses some tenants who really stretch the meaning of the word "weird." The group would drive almost any manager mad, but Kyoko manages to hold everything together.

She had been very briefly married but her husband died; her mother wants her to get married again and one of the tenants is in love with her. There's also a tennis coach in love with her. So she has to deal with all of that at the same time, and she deals with it quite well.

Kyoko is another very beautiful young woman, very strong in her own right, intelligent, obviously very caring and loving, and wants to do the best she can with her apartment building and its collection of odd people. She doesn't have incredible super-powers or anything like that, but she is just basically a nice person, a good choice for my mini-shrine.

Shampoo from Ranma 1/2

Basically with Shampoo you have one of the sexiest female anime characters that there is. Of course she just happens to be an expert in the martial arts, so it would be a good idea not to make her angry at you.

There is nothing complicated about Shampoo; what you see is what you get. Devotion, beauty, an ability to stick to a task, she's got it all. Now she also just happens to change into a cat when she gets hit by cold water, and I just happen to like cats. There's no doubt that being around her would be a rather wild experience, but probably also a whole lot of fun.

Akane from Ranma 1/2

Here's yet another highly attractive, highly competent anime women. Also an expert on the marital arts (like Shampoo and Ranma-chan). Akane is an independent-thinking young woman, yet also one who understands and honors family ties and relationships. I get the idea that she is also quite intelligent along with all her other traits.

She can also manage well in a difficult situation (Ranma-kun is engaged to her, the engagement arranged by the families without the knowledge or approval of the young people involved). She gets along well with her sisters, she's very popular at school (which itself has some rather bothersome drawbacks for her), and there is no doubt of the depth of love that she has within her. All in all another good candidate for my mini-shrine.

Ranma-chan from Ranma 1/2

Ranma was a young man who went to China with his father to train in the martial arts. In the process he fell into a cursed spring and now when he is hit with cold water changes into the female version, Ranma-chan.

Again, there is no doubt whatever that we are dealing with a very beautiful woman here. Ranma-chan is also incredibly skilled at the martial arts, and puts in a lot of time training with her father.

Ranma-chan has a lot of inner strength. You'd have to, shifting from male to female and back again whenever you get hit by cold or hot water. There is no doubt that Ranma-chan is another of the anime females more than fully capable of taking care of herself in a troublesome situation. Yet she is also a caring person and one who never tries to hurt someone else on purpose unless she has been hurt first herself.

You have here, then, three beautiful young women, all strong and forceful, and all ones that can serve as individuals that other women can look up to.

Futaba-chan from Futaba-kun Change

This is another situation where a male can change into a female and back again, this time due to an unusual family heredity structure. Again you have a very beautiful young woman who is physically capable of taking care of herself, and yet who can also handle the problems inherent in this sex-changing process.

This is not, by the way, an animated title; Futaba-Kun Change is a series of 8 manga that are fairly hard to get hold of. I'd love to see the series in an animated form, but I've never read anything to indicate it will ever go beyond its manga existence.

With Ranma-chan and Futaba-chan you have two women that probably would be fun to change into if such a thing ever could happen in reality. They both live life quite fully and both have a positive approach to life.

Hikaru from Kimagure Orange Road

Kimagure Orange Road was the first anime series that I really got into, and two female characters from that series have made a lasting impression on me. Hikaru is one of those. Hikaru is innocence personified. Her personality is incredibly outgoing and happy; she lives life with a zest not often seen. She's highly attractive and has a strong aura of sexual innocence around her.

Hikaru also never ever hurts anyone else on purpose, and I don't see how she ever would. There is also no doubt of the depth of her love, her compassion, and her caring. She's intelligent, talented and would be a wonderful companion and friend. (And I never, ever will forgive what happened to her in the Orange Road movie "I'd Like to Return to that Day.")

Madoka from Kimagure Orange Road

Finally, there's Madoka. Madoka doesn't have any super-abilities, she's not a martial arts expert and she doesn't change into a magical girl. Yet of all the women in this mini-shrine grouping I would place Madoka second behind Achika as to personal strength.

Her parents are almost never home. She's had a very rough life and fell into some rather unpleasant habits. She's more than fully capable of defending herself in a physical fight, and yet is also one of the most intelligent of all the females in this grouping. She is another young woman whose depth of love is almost astonishing.

Madoka is physically very, very beautiful. Her beauty, though, is not just on the outside. She cares so much about others, and especially her close girlfriend Hikaru, that she actually helps Hikaru try to win the attention and love of the boyfriend that Madoka is really in love with, unknown to Hikaru. Madoka also has a variety of talents; in fact, it seems there's almost nothing she is incapable of doing. She can sing, she can play guitar or piano, she can ski, almost anything that comes along Madoka seems good at. She also is very, very trustworthy. She works at a part-time job (even though that is discouraged strongly in Japan) and is an incredibly good worker.

She seems to be accepting of other people's differences; in one episode we are led to believe that she even has no problem at all with girl/girl "relationships." She is another one who never sets out to hurt anyone; indeed, she gets often gets emotionally hurt as a result of her unselfishness.

Madoka is probably one of the best well-rounded of the women in this mini-shrine. Definitely a worthy addition.