This is an absolutely cute, must-have cd. Yokoyama Chisa and Sharyn Scott are the two singers on this cd. The music is largely from the Tenchi Muyo and Pretty Sammy and are quite familiar.

Chisa's voice is so cute that the term kawaii is hardly adequate to describe it. When she sings in English she can be a bit hard to understand, but she still sounds really good. Sharyn Scott has a very powerful voice and does an excellent job when she solos and when she does a duet with Chisa.

I'm a Pioneer is sung both in Japanese and in duet form and in both formats sounds really good. Talent for Love is likewise sung in both English and Japanese forms and again both times is quite good. Chisa also does an excellent job on Madonna's song Crazy for You.

Sharyn Scott does an incredible job on the Tenchi opening theme on track 8. Track three is a very strange song played in a Mexican-sounding style. There are also several instrumentals on the cd, most of which are good.

This is absolutely a must-have for you anime collection.

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