Ayumi Hamasaki, Nothing from Nothing

I don't really like rap music very much, generally because I can almost never make out what the people are actually talking/singing about. Also, too much of it that I have heard is violent with heavy emphasis on cussing (which has its place, yes, but shouldn't be an excuse for avoiding writing some kind of actually meaningful lyrics.)

Considering this cd single is really rap sung in Japanese, I my understanding of what is being said is basically zero. All I can go on is the singing quality of her voice and the arrangements of the songs and in the case of the two non-karaoke tracks I find the cd wanting on both levels.

She has an interesting voice and the musical background on Paper Doll, the second track, is fairly good in most spots unlike Nothing from Nothing, the first track which is basically all rap.

This is not a cd that I'll be listening to again.

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