Max Clips

1. Tora Tora Tora: A really good song. The harmony of the girls is excellent and the song is very upbeat.

2. Seventies: Another really good song, although, in my opinion, the video is a little too cluttered and not as good as the first video.

3. Get My Love!: Another fast-paced song with a rather long musical beginning. The video is better than the last one and the singing is really good.

4. Give Me a Shake: A fairly good song, but not as good as the first three.

5. Love is Dreaming: A fair song, but not that great. Rather uneven in quality.

6. Shinin' on- Shinin' love: Another fairly average song. I think their singing is good, but at least some of the songs they are doing are just not that memorable. Tora, Tora, Tora is without doubt the best song on this cd. The rest range from ok to pretty good, but that's it.

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