Hayashibara Megumi

This is another singer that I first heard in anime music and whose song, Alchemy of Love, is one of my favorites. She has a lot more music out than Wada Kanako although again it's not always easy to find the CDs.

I've found her listed on the following CDs:

1. A House Cat. This is from the anime Dash! and she does two songs on it out of the four tracks on the CD.

2. Bertemu. This is a compilation of various anime series songs and has 14 tracks.

3. Fine Colorday. This has four tracks and is from another TV series. She sings on two of the tracks and the other two are karaoke versions.

4. Fuwari. This has 13 tracks.

5. Going History. Another four-track CD with her singing on two of the tracks and the other two are karaoke.

6. Half and, Half. 12 tracks on this one, some of the songs being original and song from various anime series.

7. Haruneko Fushigi-Zukiyo-Oshiete Hapinesu. This one has three tracks, two of which are her singing and the last one being karaoke.

8. Iravati. This has 13 tracks and is also a mix of original and anime songs.

9. Question At Me. Another four track CD with her singing on two of the tracks and the other two being karaoke.

10. Perfume. 12 tracks of original music.

11. Proof of Myself, another four track CD with her singing on two of the tracks and the other two being karaoke.

12. Pulse. 8 tracks on this one, half of them with her singing, the other half being karaoke (in the re-release version).

13. Sakura Saku(Cherry Blossoms Have Come Out). Another four track CD, again with her singing on two and the other two being karaoke.

14. Shin Meikai Dragon Half (New Lucid Dragon Half). 21 tracks on this soundtrack CD.

15. Sphere. 13 tracks on this one.

16. Successful Mission, another four track CD split between her singing and karaoke.

17. Vintage A. 17 tracks, with songs selected from her previous albums.

18. Yume Hurry Up, another four track half singing/half karaoke CD.

19. Whatever. 15 tracks and is her first CD with music from anime.

20. Vintage S. 15 tracks and consists of songs selected from her CD single CDs.

CD File

Track 1: Reflection: A fairly-fast paced, good song.

Track 2: Gloria: A really good song, even better then the first one.

Track 3: Fine Colorday: Another fairly fast-paced, good song.

Track 4: Oyasumi Nasai Ashita wa Ohayou: Like the first three, this one is also fast-paced and sung well.

Track 5: Infinity: Even faster-paced, still quite a good song.

Track 6: Extrication: Moderately fast-paced, good song.

Track 7: Raging Waves: Fast, furious and good.

Track 8: I & Myself: Another quick paced, hard-hitting song. Excellent.

Track 9:Akogare: A nice, light paced, rather lush-sounding happy-type of song.

Track 10: Raka-ati-Kimi wo Mamoru: Another really good song (except for some guitar riffs that I donít like).

Track 11: A House Cat: This one I donít really like.

Track 12: Shiawase wa Chiisana Tsumikasane: This one makes up for the last track. This is a really cute, light, happy-sounding song.

Track 13: Proof of Myself: An ok song, sometimes really good and at times just ok.

Track 14: Lively Motion: One of the best songs on the entire cd. Really, really good.

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