The Films of Nakajima Miyuki

Part 1

She has a much deeper, richer and more mature voice than the majority of other Japanese singers that I have heard. The video itself is a little "artsy" for my taste; a little too much fancy camera work, blurring and color changes. Maybe if I knew exactly what the song was saying then the particular type of video work might make more sense.

A really good beat on this very strong-sounding song. Her voice is even better than in the first song; some really good music on this track. Unfortunately, again, in my opinion, the actual video itself is not very good. Again, perhaps like the first one it might make sense if I knew exactly what was being said, but, like the first video, it's too atrsy. It actually detracts from the quality of her voice.

Another really good song and for once a video that meshes well with it.

A very short thing of very pretty running water scenes with some odd sounds added.

Another really pretty song and an interesting video.

An interesting video, especially in that it shows everything being set up to shoot the video. The singing itself is great. This is so far the best song and video on the DVD.

Part 2

Another really, really good song. Her voice is just amazing.

A cute video and an extremely well-sung song.

Another really good song.

Another really good song and interesting video.

Another good song.

Another good song and an artistic and interesting video (there is a difference, at least to me, between "artistic" and "artsy".)

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