Speed Spirits Complete vcd

1. Body& Soul: The main version of this song which is an ok song, but I think repeating it four more times on the same album is a little much.

2. Steady: An average song and a very annoying video. Far too much of the video consists of ultra-short clips, almost like some kind of memory test about how many different images did you see in x seconds? The parts that weren't outright annoying were still rather unimpressive, as far as videos go.

3. Go! Go! Heaven: My favorite Speed song, but not necessarily my favorite video. I still think the cuts are too short and done too fast.

4. Luv Vibration: An average song with a below average video. This time, not only are the cuts too short, but the lighting is incredibly off. It seems that either there is too much light, whiting out the scene badly, or the light or processing or something results in a kind of sickly yellow-green tint to the entire scene. That, of course, is when the filming is not done out-of-focus. Overall, a song that's decent and a video that's not.

5. Wake Me Up!: Overall one of their better songs; even the video is a little better than the usual.

6. A very pretty song and a lousy video. This one uses an image of the heads of each of the girls. This would work except for two things; first, its overexposure time again, making some of the video almost unwatchable; secondly, don't use an image of four heads and only two of them are singing. Two of the girls account for about 90% of the song; the other two heads spend most of the video looking and blinking. This pretty much reduces the effect of the graphic approach used to zero.

7. (title unknown)Probably my favorite Speed song and video, both.

8. My Graduation: A pretty good song and video, both.

9. Alive: Another good song and video, but it is interesting that two of the girls seem to do almost all the singing on several of the videos. This becomes noticeable when video after video features the other two girls standing there but almost never opening their mouths.

10. All My True Love: Another one of the Speed songs that I really like along with a very good and interesting video.

Next come four versions of the same song, differing in which person is the main singer. Also, there are some slight differences in the videos themselves.

11. Body & Soul Hiroko Version

12. Body & Soul Eriko Version

13. Body & Soul Takako Version

14. Body & Soul Hitoe Version

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