Malsu Takako

This is the only cd I have of hers. Overall I find that her voice is fairly good but the cd is heavily marred by the fact that on many songs her voice is almost drowned out by the musicians. There are also some songs that the musical accompaniment has a variety of, well, noises that are considerably annoying.

In the second song, for example, there is a sound something like a turkey with gobbling problems. The third and fourth songs in particular continue this trend of "how loud can we be and how much absolutely unnecessary strange sounds scan we make?" approach. This hurts if not outright ruins the songs, particularly the fourth song which is sort of Sade-like, or would be except for the "musical" sounds.

The fifth song is one of my favorite, Wind Song, which has an orchestral-type backing and is a really, really pretty song.

The musicians must have gotten lost between songs because they return for tracks 6 and 7 with some particularly wacko noises.

Someone must have invited them out for lunch or something, though, because the rest of the cd is minus the strange noises and over-loud accompaniment. The songs can highlight her voice which is fairly good.

Over-all I consider this cd will not be one I would listen to again, perhaps except for track 5.

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