Tommy Airline

1. Attention Please: English opening. Not really a song.

2. Je T'aime Je T'aime: I love this song. It was my introduction to her music. This is one of my favorite songs (and I also love the video version).

3. Sepia Memory: Another really good song.

4. (I don't know the translation of the title): Another good song.

5. Candy Eyes Dolls: A pretty good song. She sounds like a little girl on it.

6. Choose Me or Die: An interesting premise for a song.

7. Dancin' Baby: In this one she sort of sounds like Madonna. Another good song.

8. Sweet Dream: In some ways it reminds me of Je T'aime Je T'aime, at least as far as some of the musical accompaniment goes. It's a really good song in its own right, though. So far my second favorite song on the album.

9. Rose Fragrance: Another real good song, and the musical accompaniment is unusual and effective.

10. Magic In Your Eyes: Another good song.

11. I Still Love You Boy: It's one good song after another on this album.

12. Love Is Forever: A somewhat odd-sounding song in parts but still fairly decent.

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