Tomosaka Rie

Tomosaka Rie is one of the girls from the Hanjuku Tamago drama series. Yuki Uchida is another one of the girls and also has a singing career.

Murasaki. This has two videos on it and six other songs. The first video, Cappuccino, features a good song and Tomosaka dancing around a pole. She looks awfully thin. The second video is a slower-paced, very pretty song and is almost dreamy the way it looks.. The other songs on the ep are also good.

Sakasama I don't know if this is the actual title or not but it is at least part of the title. The album has a wonderful booklet filled with pictures of Rie. The CD itself has 14 cuts which are kind of cute and fairly good. Her music shows the influence that rap and big-band music have had on her. It's an upbeat type of music that she sings.

Kushami. CD-single. This one has two singing tracks and one karaoke track. Both songs are good

Futari. CD-single. This one has two cuts, the second using a harder instrumental background than the first.

This mini-CD has two tracks. The first one Dotti Demo In, a really upbeat, catchy tune. In parts she also seems to be out to set a speed-speaking/singing record of sorts. The second track is the karaoke version of the first song.

This mini-CD has three tracks, the third being a karaoke one. The first track has a nice beat to it and is sung well; it also sounds to me like it would make a good song for an anime series.

The second song is also rather well done and quite different from the first song on this CD. Altogether, this is a good mini-CD to get.


This one has three cuts, the third being a karaoke one. The first song is Escalation. She sounds like she's reaching for notes, the song apparently not managing her (at the time, at least) limited vocal range. Her singing itself is sort of lifeless in the first song.

The second song puts less of a strain on her vocal abilities and thus it ends up sounding a lot better. There is a catchy beat and her voice seems to fit the song rather well.

The third, as noted, is a karaoke version of Escalation.

Sakatomo Eri

This one has two tracks. The first song is, in my opinion, is listenable, but barely. Parts of it approach the annoying due to over-repetition of certain phrases. It's not helped by the extraneous train noises or the rather poorly done violin part. The second track is the karaoke version of the first. This is a mini-CD for the collector but can otherwise be bypassed.

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