Ai No Baka

Uchida Yuki is without doubt very, very physically attractive. In the drama series I've seen her in she does a good job of acting.

As far as singing goes, however, that's another matter.

1. Oikakete Kuru Tsuki: Sort of a jazz-type song. First, the saxophone playing is so not good. Not only is it not good but it's very fuzzy, like it wasn't recorded correctly. As far as the singing itself goes, one good thing is that only about half the song is actually singing, the rest being the saxophone music. The singing itself is almost listenable. Almost.

2. Be My Boy: The background music resembles something from DEVO. The singing is done mainly in a little-girl type voice. It's so bad it actually approaches the level of being cute.

3. Baby's Universe: A lot of guitar music/sounds in this track. She also uses some rap on the song. The singing itself is just plain flat; there's no real depth to her voice. Still, it's the closest to an actual song on the album so far. Close, but no cigar.

4. Mou Iya: Sort of an actual semi-nice musical background, undoubtedly the best musical background of the first four songs. The singing itself is bad. It's sort of the little-girl voice grown up by a year or two.

5. Secret Dial Wo Mawase: The first bad thing about this cut is that there's more singing than background music. The little-girl voice is used along with some strange sounds. Bad. Very bad.

6. Hijou Kaidan De Odoru: Sort of an interesting form of background music used, at least. It reminds me slightly of music from Vampire Princess Miyu. Even the singing is vaguely similar to some of that music. It doesn't work, of course, especially when the latter part of the song goes into some absolutely ridiculous musical/sound backgrounds for a while. It had potential. Had.

7. Roba No Circus: The strategy for the album changed with this cut, the concept being "let's play the guitars REALLY LOUD, perhaps drowning out the singing." This, of course, becomes quite annoying. The guitars, that is. The worst part is that the singing is actually something that at least is close to resembling actual singing, at least most of the time. (It also helps that there were at least one if not two other people singing on this track.) Accordian music, loud drums and laughter and applause mix with the "guitars-gone-wild" approach to virtually ruin any chance of an actually listenable track.

8. Chikyuu Ga Naite Iru: Normal guitar strength. Singing that is so far the best of the entire album. This is actually countable as a regular song!

9. Senaka Wa Misenai: There are brief flashes of actual singing on this track. Unfortunately it's overshadowed by the much longer flashes of not-really-singing plus rap plus overloud guitar playing.

10. Gin No Pendant: This song shows that, sometimes, the musical notes on a piece of paper are merely "suggested guidelines," and not something to be really that concerned about. The song has a nice beat to it, at least.

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