Zard is one of my favorite Japanese groups. So far all I have are five of their singles, though.

Kona ni Soba ni irunoini. Two singing tracks, both really good although I tend to like the second one just a little better, and one musical/karoke track.

Yureru Omoi. Two singing pieces followed by two more karaoke versions. Again two more good songs. The music on these seems to be very upbeat but not too high-energied.

My Baby Grand. Again two singing tracks and two karaoke tracks. I like the second track much more than the first one on this CD single

Nemurenai Yoru wo Daite. Again two singing tracks, two karaoke tracks. And again two songs that I like

Kitto Wasurenai. I really like the first song track on this single although the second song is also good. I don't really care much for either karaoke version, though.

According to something I read recently Zard originally had five members but now is done to four. Izumi Sakai, the female vocalist, was born in 1969. She actually writes many of the Zard songs and has also done songs for other Japanese groups.

14 tracks on this cd. Most of them I liked, although track 4 I don't care as much for since it has male lead singer. On track 5 the girl reminds me somewhat of Wada Kanako who I feel is one of the best singers in my collection. She also does a really good job on track 8 with My Baby Grand. Overall a very good album, but "best of" albums usually are.

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