Labyrinth Comics

I only have issue 3 at the moment.

Issue 3


The story opens with Sarah with the fireys. Hoggle saves her from them but they they both fall onto a small platform near the Bog of Eternal Stench. They get out of their with Lupo's help, but then the run across a small dog-like knight who won't let them cross a bridge.

They eventually get over the bridge but Hoggle still ends up giving Sarah the enchanted apple. She is at a crystal ball one minute and the next in a junkyard where a women tries to trick her into staying. Soon a giant robot attacks but Hoggle has now switched sides to join with Sarah and he takes care of the robot.

The Goblin King confronts Sarah but once she tells him he has no power over her he vanishes and Sarah and Toby are returned to their home.

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