1. Wings: A good song with an interesting beat.
2. DNA: Good with some incredible choral work.
3. Change Your Life: Another really good song.
4. Always Be Together: Another good one.
4. Stereo Soldier: Okay but that's it.
6. Pretend It's OK: A good song. Good piano background.
7. Turn Your Face: A good song.
8: We Are Who We Are: One of my favorites of all the songs they have done.
9. How Ya' Doin?: An okay song but that's it.
10. Red Planet: Another okay song.
11. Going Nowhere: A good song.
12. Madhouse: Another good song.
13: Love Drunk: Another decent song except for the weird sound that resembles something farting repeatedly.
14. Make You Believe: A really good song.
15. Case Closed: Another good song.
16. We Are Young (Acoustic): Shows just how great their acapella ability is.

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