Little Mix: Get Weird

1. Black Magic: I like the singing on this one, the way the song is arranged and the fact that it's a really fun song.
2. Love Me Like You: Sounds sort of like a good song from the 1960's.
3. Weird People: Again, I like the singing. The words on this one are really good since they go along the idea of people having the right to be who they are even if other people consider them to be weird.
4. Secret Love Song: A very sad song with incredible singing.
5. Hair: An all right song.
6. Grown: Another all right song.
7. I Love You: A good song.
8. OMG: A good and somewhat unusual song.
9. Lightning: Another good song with strong vocals.
10. A.D.I.D.A.S: A fairly good song. For some reason this also reminds me of a song from the 1960's.
11. Love Me or Leave Me: A very sad song about a love about to end.
12. The End: Acapella done really, really well.
Bonus Tracks:
13. I Won't: Another good song.
14. Secret Love Song Part II: Another version of the very excellent and very sad song.
15. Clued Up: Again, another good song.
16. The Beginning: Again, an excellent acapella.

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