Episode 1: Cha-ka

The three main characters are Rick, Will and Holly Marshall. On a rafting expedition they encounter an earthquake and fall through what is basically a space/time dimensional portal to end up in the Land of the Lost.

A T-Rex pursues another dinosaur. It is interesting to note here that there's some argument among scientists about whether or not T-Rex was actually a hunter or a scavenger. Some scientists believe that his two very small front limbs limited him to the role of a scavenger, yet others still think he actively hunted his prey. This one they have named Grumpy. (Which causes a person to wonder what a T-Rex with the name of Sneezy would be like.)

The three take a brief rest from running. Their father tells them he had seen three moons in the sky the previous night, meaning they were not on the earth. It's obviously a parallel-earth, though, as the plants and animals are the same as those that were once on the earth.

They find an odd object which is obviously artificial in nature.

They observe three beings of some kind.

They rescue the youngest one when the group of beings is chased by the T-Rex. The being is named Cha-ka and identifies himself as a Pacu.

It could be 2 moons and the Death Star.

It could also be 3 moons, one of which has a circular area on it that could be a storm area like the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

Cha-ka takes off and tries to steal their lighter but they catch him. Grumpy shows up and they run back to the cave while Cha-ka runs away with the other Pacu.

Cha-ka has left them some food.

And so concludes the first episode with its cheesy special effects and incredibly bad acting. Yet it's also sort of fun to watch, one of those types of things that are so bad they are actually good.

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