The Paku Who Came to Dinner

Holly and her father are outside looking at the swamp.

A flashback to when they coaxed Dopey to live in the swamp.

Dopey's hauling their cart of berries with Chaka helping to push.

Holly puts some lipstick on.

She's also put some perfume on and Chaka is smelling it on her.

They try to instill some table manners in Chaka.

Ta and Sa, two other Pacuni, show up, thinking Chaka is being held captive. Holly has gone to get some water. Grumpy shows up.

Ta and Sa take Holly captive.

Ta throws Holly across his shoulder.

A storm is coming up. (Leftover footage from Skylons.)

They appear to be keeping her since she smells good.

The Pacuni are not the only ones that smell Holly's perfume.

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