The Possession

The Pacuni are eating grapes when Chaka notices a pylon.

Chaka approaches the pylon. (What the heck is the thing in the sky that looks like a hoop earring or something?)

O.k. It's sort a conjunction of some moons.

The pylon opens.

Chaka goes inside the pylon, and the pylon closes behind him.

Inside the pylon is a table of crystals, like in the other pylon, but there's also some kind of green sphere.

The green sphere has some kind of effect on Chaka.

Chaka is transported out of the pylon and has something in his hand.

Holly is talking to Dopey again.

Chaka encounters Holly.

She touches the rod and is affected by it. (The special effects of all of this that is going on are pretty bad.)

Holly is now possessed by whatever.

She touches some crystals that (for some unknown reason) have been left out.

She attacks Will with the power of the rod.

She goes to the lost city (which still hasn't changed, so Enik must not yet have succeeded in getting back to his people and warning them.)

The wand takes energy from more crystals.

She has taken energy from the crystals on the dimensional table.

They catch up to her after she zaps her father with the wand.

Will throws water on her and she falls and drops the baton.

They get to the pylon and it's already open.

Inside, the pylon takes over Holly and Will. It talks through Will and Holly and says “I am the great and powerful,” (Wizard of Oz), and “I am the sleeper who has awakened” (Dune), among other things.

Rick removes the crystals from the board in front of the sphere.

After he's removed the crystals, Holly and Will return to normal, then they see the face of a Sleestak in the sphere.

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