Follow That Dinosaur

Grump shows up at the cave entrance and Holly's scream wakes everyone up.

They're pulling up some kind of plant that has an effect on dinosaurs like catnip has on cats.

They find a dummy buried under some rocks.

They find a book on the dummy. Half of the book is missing, though.

The book says something about the ancient city, so they go there and find a message from the guy.

They find the other half of the diary.

The Sleestak are “dormant” and surrounding by some kind of webbing.

They find an arrow made with crystals pointing to a hole in the wall.

They find a skeleton in the lava pit. The lava is rising and the air is getting warmer, which will bring the Sleestak out of their dormancy.

They read the rest of the journal. It was written by a private in George Washington's revolutionary army.

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