Stone Soup

Will and Holly have been arguing. Their father puts a stone in a bowl of hot water and acts like it's soup.

Will and Holly talk about a drought they have been going through.

They notice that the weather is acting up like it had when one of the pylons was messed with, and then they see a bunch of dinosaurs walking together, the same as when the pylon was messed up.

Two of the Pacuni are at a pylon whose door is open for some reason.

One of the dinosaurs chases Will and Holly and they seek refuge inside a pylon. They notice the inside of the pylon is dark.

Rick sees the Pacuni carrying crystals.

It seems that whatever planet the Land of the Lost is on, it revolves around a binary star system.

They bring the Pacuni some food as a peace-offering.

They try to trade soup for crystals.

They get all the crystals from the Pacuni and head for the pylon.

They put the crystals back and the rain starts.

Dopey is chasing Chaka.

Holly bawls out Dopey and the dinosaur really seems to understand what she's saying.

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