They gone to Enik's cave to try to get the dimensional portal to work.

Their first couple of attempts don't work, opening a doorway but they have no idea where it opens to.

Holly leaves the room and is unsure of her way back.

Someone comes out of the doorway after Rick and Will have left to look for Holly.

They're exploring part of the ancient city that they have never been in before.

Rick and Will are getting ready to explore a whole while a Sleestak lies in hiding.

Holly leaves the room and the woman in Enik's cave talks to her.

She tells Holly that Rick and Will see her as the baby of the family.

The woman gives Holly a type of communication device for her and the others.

Holly will explore the hole since it's too narrow inside for Rick or Will.

They're attacked by the Sleestaks. (Why haven't they ever tried to make knives or spears so they can defend themselves against the Sleestaks?)

She's climbing back up the rope to help her father and Will.

This is the next scene.

Holly gets out of the hole.

Holly goes back to Enik's cave and talks to the woman again.

She throws two crystals into the room. Their explosion knocks down the Sleestak, but also pushes her father and Will into the pit.

Rick cuts Will's ropes with a knife. So, why didn't he use the same knife to fight off the Sleestak?

Holly attacks the Sleestak god and gets cut, which is in the same place as a similar mark on the woman's arm.

They are out of the pit, but the Sleestak are starting to revive. (Since they're not up to snuff yet, though, why not just kick them into the pit?)

Holly realizes that the woman is really her, but grown up. Something the woman says gives the implication that Will and Rick are dead in her time reality.

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