Will wants to go exploring and Holly is reluctant.

There's a pylon on the top of the hill and Will wants to go inside.

Will's fooling with the crystals, and Holly spots something in the sky.

They spot a parachute.

The guy is stuck in the tree.

They bring the guy home with them.

The astronaut seems to be from earth, but not the earth of Holly and the others; it's further in the future.

Will finally admits he had messed with a pylon and opened up an aerial time doorway which was how the astronaut got into their world.

He explains that the he was at 15 miles up when he came through the gateway, so the gateway opens to an area 15 miles up, meaning they can't just jump into it.

Holly looks through the binoculars and sees the back of themselves; seems things curve in on themselves in a sort of pocket universe.

The father explains about a problem with the doorway.

Rick is trying to figure out how to shut down the doorway, but still leave enough time for the astronaut to escape, and also stop the hurricane winds from getting worse.

Rick's able to get the doorway to come to the mountain so the astronaut can go home.

However, it also takes the pylon.

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