Holly has been in the water seeing how long she can hold her breath.

Will says he can do better.

He discovers another area.

They decide to explore the cavern.

They find dormant Sleestaks.

Will delays and is chased by the Sleestaks, and others attack Rick.

Holly swims out of the cavern, but is followed by a Sleestak.

Will finds Enik, while Rick is still wandering through the tunnels.

Holly goes back into the cavern. Enik is explaining to Will that nothing can leave through a doorway unless something of equal temporal energy comes through it at the same time.

Enik explains that Will and the others may have entered the world without the use of a doorway, and that is what is making it impossible for him to return to his own time. Will realizes that they really should be dead from the fall.

Enik explains how the three must leave in order to complete the solution of a paradox.

They leave through the portal.

The other three have just arrived.

There is nothing in the cave.

With the paradox solved, Enik can return to his time.

I listened to part of the commentary, and it explains why the the high bluff cave is empty when the “new” Will and the others get there.

I can't figure it out. If Will, etc, exit through the dimensional doorway into their proper time, and another Will, etc, fall through into the LOTL, then that set will not exit from the LOTL in the same manner, since the paradox has been solved and Enik has left (presumably.) That would make the Will, etc, that end up in LOTL a different set of people that the ones that just left.

What was bothering me in the cave scene was that none of them felt any problem with three other people taking their places.

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