Tar Pit

3 Will says Chaka is by the tar pit, painting a portrait of another Pacuni.

One of the dinosaurs is stuck in the tar pit.

Dopey falls into the tar pit.

Ta is posing so his portrait can be done by Chaka.

The other dinosaur is able to get out of the tar pit and escape.

Chaka tells them Dopey is in trouble.

They feed Dopey some leaves to distract him so Rick can throw a lasso around his neck.

They try to use a rope to pull him out.

That doesn't work, and Dopey is sinking deeper.

They try another rope arrangement, but it doesn't work, either.

Chaka tries to make some kind of deal to get Ta and Sa to help him pull Dopey out of the tar pit. Chaka seems to be saying that either they help him, or he doesn't work any more on the picture of Ta.

Ta says Dopey is going to sink, and Holly wants them to stay and save Dopey.

They set up a block-and-tackle system to try and get Dopey out. It doesn't work, either.

Chaka gets a large dinosaur to come along to help.

A very cute scene.

They use torches to make Emily back up so she can pull Dopey out.

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