2. The Sleestak God

They find the ruins of a city and decide to go and tell their father rather than exploring it themselves, a rare stroke of common sense.

Cha-ka has been keeping an eye on them.

An ancient, lost land and already signs of vandalism.

The Sleestaks, who don't take kindly to vandals.

The kids are captured. They escape briefly but are recaptured, but their father manages to save them.

Now for the analysis. The Sleestaks are reptilian in appearance and that's not in any contradiction with science. Some scientists have speculated that if the dinosaurs had not died out then they might have, in time, evolved into a lizard-type intelligent life form and human beings would never have evolved, so Sleestaks, even of somewhat limited intelligence, are certainly not an impossibility, especially on a parallel-earth.

What is most interesting, however, is the "Beware of the Sleestaks" sign. Didn't it occur to any one of the three that they are supposed to be the only humans there and that since none of them wrote that message someone else must have? Yet there's absolutely nothing in the story about anyone even questioning where the message came from. (Outside of which the message was written higher up, meaning either someone stood on a box while they wrote it or they were the "giants in the old days" type of humans.

Another question arises relating to the cage Will and Holly were held in. If it was made by the Sleestaks then it shows a fairly decent level of craft skill. Yet the Sleestaks are terrified by fire. They also happen to live in the ruins of some city, so an assumption can be made that there was a previous civilization there, perhaps human, that were somehow overcome by the Sleestaks, as little sense as that makes, or an ancestral Sleestak race built the city and the present-day Sleestaks no longer possess the intelligence nor civilization that their ancestors did.

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