Fair Trade

The Sleestak are poking at the roof of a chamber.

It's a periscope.

Their target.

Ta doesn't like the pig being there.

Rick falls into the trap set by the Sleestaks for the pig.

The Sleestak avoid direct sunlight.

Grumpy has been chasing Spot back and forth, and finally one of his legs falls into the hole.

They go to Enik for help. (Why is Enik still there?) Anyhow, Enik's back to his original grumpy self.

Enik is at the entrance to the Library of Skulls.

Enik sees the pig and then sees Rick fall into the hole.

Enik says goodbye to the librarian and the assistant.

Rick has been taken to the nursery. Apparently he is supposed to be food for the hatching Sleestak.

Enik tells Will and Holly that the Sleestak will trade their father for a fully grown pig.

They basically plan to reset the trap for the pig.

They plan on using Ta for bait.

Ta is now suspended above the hole.

They trade the pig for their father, the Sleestak keeping their word.

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